My daughter, reading. She's beginning to
appreciate having an artist father,
and is more willing to sit still for me.

Sketch of my mother, the well-respected, prize winning author Karen Bennett.

Kim in front of the computer. It kept her still for me.

My sister Evangeline, regal. Teaches Pilates and writes.
My niece Mikah. Very smart girl. See her drawing below.
Mikah's drawing. Long lines drawn with
more confidence and self-assuredness than
most professional artists.

My bro-in-law Kevin.
Intellectual, avid cyclist, successful, nice hands.
A tiny sketch of my new niece Lila. Wee little thing.
Started when she was asleep, but I had to stop when her
eyes popped open and she began to move a lot.
My Mother-In-Law Rae, sketched during
 a visit to us, in about 10 minutes.

Another sketch of my mother, during the same visit.
My mother's drawings of me.
She used to be a professional portrait artist,
a thousand years ago.
Now, she writes mainly short stories.